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Why Ethereal Film Photography?

Why name my Photography Company Ethereal Film

Why did I choose the name Ethereal Film for my Photography Company?

Many People I come across ask me how I came up with the name Ethereal Film photography or why I choose such a name. I think knowing the name behind the Photography Company you use is important. A name can describe the Photographers style and photographic ambition. It also portrays what the Photographer wants others to perceive them as. As a Professional Lifestyle photographer in a word of everyone with access to a camera, being a "photographer", you need to find a way to creatively stand out in the crowd. I came up with this name in an attempt to rebrand my own photography business.

I was scrolling through the internet looking for different words to describe Photography and came across this picture above. The name sounded out was beautiful and the meaning was inspiring to myself as a photographer. I choose this name because Ethereal means Extremely delicate, light, Dainty, elegant, and exquisite. This properly describes the attention to detail, delicate features, and light airy feel I want for each and every photograph I take.

I added film to the end of Ethereal because I am a sucker for the beautiful creamy look of film, I love mixing Vintage with Modern. I love using my Canon 5D mark 2 but don't be surprised if i show up with a few different film camera's to the my sessions!

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