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It's All in the Details { 3 sure ways to wow }

You don't have to spend a lot of money to have a beautiful wedding that's Pinterest worthy. In fact, all you really need is a few gorgeous details to help make sure your Wedding looks and feels expensive.

1. Look for Beautiful and well crafted jewelry pieces.

Nice, well made pieces of jewelry can create such an elegant feel. You don't need to spend a-lot of money, this bride said she purchased this set on Etsy for under $100.

2. DIY is your friend

This bride made her all of her bridesmaids bouquets. She found the flowers at hobby lobby for half off (every other week hobby lobby has a sale) and wrapped them with glittered fabric. This made the bouquet look much more expensive and relevant to her color scheme.

3. All that Glitters is Gold

I'm not much of a glitter girl myself, but I have to admit, seeing all the bridesmaids walk down the isle in these glittery rose gold gowns was quite breath taking. Too much glitter can tend to look cheap, but high quality sparkles can make your special night really shine.

DETAILS, DETAILS, DETAILS ... paying attention to your details can really make a difference. Rich, unique details set you apart from having a wedding that looks like any other wedding. Finding your creativity and creating your visions will have such an impact on the look and feel of your wedding not to mention your photographer will really thank you for all the beautiful detail worthy shots you have created for them!

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