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Cultural Engagement Parties

I had the privilege of experiencing my first Arabic engagement Party a few weeks ago. I have never experienced anything quite like it! Experiencing different cultures is such an incredible and eye opening experience. In Arabic culture, an engagement party is hosted for the Lovely couple to get engaged by the end of the night.

Yasmine contacted me through Laura Nyguyen, a wonderful party planner I have the joy of working with. I jumped at the opportunity to be a part of such a special event. I arrived at their beautiful countryside house, and got to meet Yasmine who was a lovely vision in her long hot pink gown. She was nervous yet excited, her whole family was about to arrive to witness such a joyous occasion. All the details where perfect, the backgrounds enchanting and the food delicious, appetizing, and plentiful. As the family gatherings, the elder men sit in a circle and discuss the two families merging and becoming one. The Groom excitedly waiting to see his bride to be, when the elders are done talking Music fills up the room as Yasmine, the Bride gracefully walks down wrought iron stairs to meet her love. The rest of the party includes plenty of dancing, pictures and a room full of food to keep everyone feed for weeks. It was such a privilege to be a part of this wonderful ceremony and to experience first hand the way different cultures celebrate marriage and love.

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